Chicken Wing Mascot Shoves Celery Amid Controversy

The Buffalo Bisons have a “Wing, Cheese and Celery Race” that generally runs after the fifth inning at Bisons’ home games. In the three years since the character was introduced, Celery has never won. On Saturday night at Coca-Cola Field, it was Celery Bobblehead Night. The Bisons’ website promoted the event like so: BisonsRaceRigged That’s our highlighted circle, showing that the team’s public relations staff may have pre-determined the outcome of the race. It was certainly suspicious, but despite allegations of race-fixing, the show went on. It was delayed until the eighth inning, furthering the suspicion. Here’s the race in its entirety. Was the fix in? The evidence is pretty damning, but judge for yourself. The PA announcer exclaims, “Mark your calendars, August the third!”, clearly setting up Celery’s loss which would of course unfold moments later. Here’s a closer look at the Chicken Wing shove: “It was Celery’s night,” the announcers lament. “If Brendan Shanahan gets a look at that, that’s a five-game [suspension].” Someone needs to look at it, because there were some serious shenanigans afoot. Finally, what would be better than watching it one more time with wrestling announcer Jim Ross overdubbed? And, we’re done here.

Jenny Dell Got Soaked and You All Knew This Was Coming

NESN reporter Jenny Dell interviews Jonny Gomes after the Boston Red Sox dramatic 6-run ninth inning and come-from-behind win over the Seattle Mariners. Between the pouring rain and Gomes’ teammates dousing them in water, there was no shortage of H20 in the post-game celebration.

Klinsmann Disappears

This almost looks choreographed. Suspended United States manager Jürgen Klinsmann falls through a trap door, or participates in some sort of elaborate interpretive dance routine during the Gold Cup final against Panama: The synchronicity of the assistants is impressive. The guy running out of the shot behind them is the best, though.