Munenori Kawasaki Pre-Game Stretches

It’s been a while since Munenori Kawasaki, did anything post-worthy. Quite frankly, we were beginning to wonder if The Human GIF Factory had ceased operations. Well fret no longer, folks. The drought is over. During the afternoon ahead of last night’s home date with the San Francisco Giants, someone (who deserves a Sports Emmy for his or her work) filmed the Toronto Blue Jays’ shortstop going through a series of pre-game stretches. You know, just your typical handstand leg stretch: And, well…whatever this is: Kawasaki has been an entertaining diversion from the rough start the Blue Jays have endured, although they did win their fourth consecutive game on Wednesday night. Can their improved play outshine their shortstop’s antics? One thing’s for certain: It’s going to be fun finding out.

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