Yu Darvish Smells Nelson Cruz’s Broken Bat

We’ve heard of the smell test, but this is ridiculous. Texas Rangers’ outfielder Nelson Cruz broke his bat on a foul ball into the right field stands in the sixth inning of the Rangers-Mariners game on Saturday night in Seattle. The barrel of the bat landed in the infield and eventually found its way into the Rangers’ dugout. What happened next? Rangers’ ace Yu Darvish did this: The fact that Darvish goes back for more after the initial sniff tells us that either he’s a bat-smelling connoisseur, or it’s time for an intervention. The cameras didn’t catch how the moment developed, so we’re left to speculate. CJ Fogler chimed in with a pretty plausible theory: Whether it was a standard baseball prank or genuine curiosity on Darvish’s part, it’s good to see the Rangers having a little fun with their prized import. Even if he does enjoy the scent of a Louisville Slugger now and then.

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